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Sagarmatha National Park has been inscribed in the World Heritage list since 1979. सगरमाथा राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज सन् १९७९ देखि विश्व सम्पदा सूचीमा सुचिकृत भएको छ |


In 1973, the creation of Sagarmatha National Park was officially announced at WWF's 3rd International Congress in Bonn, Germany. The park would conserve the Everest Ecosystem along with its endangered wildlife and rich Sherpa culture. Following this declaration, Sagarmatha National Park was established in 19 July 1976, covering an area of 1148 km2 in Solukhumbu district in Eastern Development Region of Nepal. In recognition of its superlative natural phenomenon and unique culture, the park was inscribed in World Heritage Site list in 1979. The Buffer Zone was declared on 1st January 2002 covering an area of 275 km2 including the settlements inside the park. In 23rd September 2007, Gokyo and associated lakes were designated as Wetlands of International Importance under Ramsar Convention.
Sagarmatha is a Nepali word derived from सगर sagar meaning "sky" and माथा matha meaning "head". Thus Sagarmatha means forehead of the sky. This majestically scenic mountain park of snow-covered peaks, gorges and glaciers dominated by the highest mountain on Earth is geologically interesting and its wilderness values are outstanding. The Dudh Kosi valley is home to the unique culture of the Sherpas and is an ecological unit of biological, socio-economic and religious importance. Rare animals such as snow leopard and red panda live in the Park.
In the Himalayan Mountains on the border with the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, the Park lies in the upper catchment of the Dudh Kosi river, about 140 km east of Kathmandu and is centred on 27o57’55”N by 86o54’47”E. The Park is bordered to the east by Makalu Barun National Park, Rolwaling valley of Gaurishankar Conservation Area to the west, Qomolangma National Nature Preserve to the north and Sagarmatha National Park Buffer Zone to the south.

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